Love yellow! 🔥🌟🐱🐯🐤🌻🌞🌝
Waiting for the dentist… 😁🐤🐥🌞 (at Apple Dental)
Been painting 🐙
Sunday funday 🎨
Wednesday 🍂 (at Parliament House, Brisbane)
When I have to make important decisions I draw tiny lines in procrastination. Sometimes they turn into things. 🌕 (at Queensland X-RAY)
If your thinking to yourself “hey, I wonder what Sophia’s doing on this fine Tuesday evening? And further to that, I wonder what her desk looks like mirrored?”. Well A. I’ve been productive enough to mirror almost every image I have. And B. You’re in luck, here’s my desk mirrored. 

Marbles, lost.
Tuesday evening 🌚
Tiny new work desk in my new home. ✂️📌✏️
Boys that look like girls and girls that look like boys. Happy Saturday.
Late night tiny workstation 🎨
Since I’ve been back my priorities seem to have completely shifted. Now, I love nothing more than slow days filled with tiny details. Let’s see how long this lasts 😏…
Revisiting my travel sketchbook 🌍